Interviews with Teachers, Nursery Staff & Walkodile's® Inventor

"The children have great fun using it. And if one falls, the rest don't all fall over. Walkodile® has proved a really worthwhile investment." (Great Beginnings Montessori)

"The best resource I have ever bought for the Nursery." (Playbarn Nursery)

"Staff feel much safer with younger children – especially those not good at holding hands.” A godsend to us being in a rural village.” (The Village Kindergarten)

Reassuring to know they can't break free especially when my hands are on a buggy. I recommend Walkodile® much more than a strap or reins." (Leonora Macrae, Childminder)

"Elaine, I'll be honest with you, I was a total sceptic. But now I’ve just been out with some children in it and I'm a total convert - it keeps them much safer." (Deputy Head, Buchanhaven School)

"Walkodile’s® been a great in keeping my two together - it stops my 5 yr old lagging behind and 3 yr old running off!" (Mrs J. Shanks, Parent)

"Staff are able to interact better with the children, while enjoying the walk without it being too stressful.”(Greenhaw Primary School)

"More relaxed walks, and able to focus more on the outing rather than issues of safety & behaviour.”(Meethill Primary School)

"Able to go out more often, knowing children are walking safely along a busy street, without constantly worrying that anyone will step off the pavement onto the road.”(Kemnay Primary School)

"Great fun & excellent for the safety of the children.”(Nippers Nursery)

"Walkodile® increases safety & maximises the learning experience for kids.”(Puddleducks Childcare)

"So much more relaxed & social walk. 10 out of 10.”(Insch Butterflies)

"Walkodile® makes the journey safer, more enjoyable and more educational.”(Supertots Pre-School)

"We can now take the children on more outings.”(Cowgate Under 5’s)

"The children love it. Excellent resource.”(Kirkliston Nursery School)


"Increases independence, self-esteem and knowledge of road safety. Fantastic invention"(Wee Rascals Nursery)

"Helps the children to learn to work together as a team & they chat more to each other.”(Waterfront Nursery)

"We do not have an outdoor play area but can now take the children on walks and have an outdoor playtime – thank you!”(St Stephens Playgroup)

"Improved safety, all walking at same pace in the same direction!”(Auchenblae Pre-school Group)

"Keeps children safe. No fear of losing them.”(New World Nursery)

"An amazing product.”(Small World Nursery)

"Staff can spend quality time with the children without the stress & added danger of keeping the children together.”(Galston Nursery School)

"Children are more relaxed, talking and looking around their community. Brilliant.”(Wisbech St Mary Playgroup)

"An excellent safety invention.”(Hoodles Nursery)

"Keeps the children safer & secure. Helps them develop social skills & understanding of road safety.”(Chapter One Childcare)

"Able to take our pupils out more knowing they are safe.”(Inchyra Nursery School)

"Walkodile® is absolutely vital to enable the children to get outdoors safely.”(Sparklers Nursery)

"Staff & Children love Walkodile®. It is a brilliant invention.”(Woody’s day Nursery)

"Safety & peace of mind on walks.”(Hopes & Dreams Montessori)


"Children encouraged to work as a team & can go out & explore which they may not have done otherwise.”(Major Minors Nursery)

"More enjoyable & co-ordinated way to take the children out for a walk.”(Fountainhall Nursery)

"Walking outside is now a happy & safe experience for staff & children alike.”(Colours Nursery)

"Has made management more confident about staff taking children outside on walks & parents are happier.”(Bright Start Nurseries)

"The children are more independent and are kept safe while doing so.”(Mintlaw Under 5’s Group)

"More trips, better teamwork, more communication, more peace of mind wider choice of activities, & more discussion. We love our Walkodiles®.”(London Road Pre-school)

"The children can talk to each other & staff more”(Kaleidoscope Nursery)

"Staff feel safer on walks. Children are kept together and are more visible.” Also a great adventure for them.”(Elvetham Heath Nursery)

"Staff can give more attention to enhance & extend the experience of children.”(Homewood Day Care Nursery)

"Safer means of taking children out. Can go out more often on walks & gives a sense of togetherness.”(Oranges & Lemons Nursery)

"Keeps the children safe at all times.”(Smarty’s Day Nursery)


"We now spend more time out of nursery & using the local environment. Absolutely fantastic.”(Little People Nursery)

"Outstandingly positive! We use it with six autistic children with very varied abilities both cognitive & physical. Not only does it keep everyone safe, there is no need to hold hand (autistic children can be sensitive to this).”(Kaimes Special School)

"Children are more relaxed on a walk as staff are not always telling them to hold hands, stop walking so slowly etc. What a great invention.”(First Class Nursery)

"The children like it because they felt safe.”(University of Edinburgh Nursery)

"Safe method of walking in the community & re-assurance for staff that no-one can run off.”(Milne’s Primary School)

"What makes the Rotherly children smile? Going out on a trip using Walkodile®. Keeping everyone safe walking along the street, getting smiles & waves from people they meet. Three cheers for our Walkodile we all shout. It’s great to use going out & about.”(Rotherley Day Nursery)

"No fear of a child wandering off or stepping off the kerb.”(Donbank Primary School)

"The children are kept safe in a fun & exciting way, and they walk really proudly with Walkodile® out on the street. Such a great idea and really easy to use.”(Broomhill Nursery)

"Keeps children altogether. Sociable experience. They chat to their partner & the adult leading the group.”(Longside Primary School)

"Children find using Walkodile® fun and look forward to their outings. A useful, unique resource which aids safety and classroom management.”(Aberchirder Primary School)

"Helps to control & manage the safe journey of infant school pupils. Creates a fun & safe method of walking to & from school in a controlled manner.”(Road Safety Unit, Rhondda Cynon Taf Borough Council)

"Staff & children love it.”(Orchard Nursery)

"The safest & best way to take children for walks.”(Inverallochy Primary School)


"Makes children more independent, more responsible & aware of their own safety.”(Central Primary School)

"Fantastic piece of equipment.”(Banff Primary School)

"Crossing the road was much safer & much easier.”(Buchanhaven Primary School)

"Can now make the most of educational opportunities rather than containing & head counting.”(Kinellar Primary School)

"We use our Walkodiles® twice a week and cannot imagine life without them.”(Dufftown Pre-school)

"Not only is it simple & easy to see, it enhances the children’s safety.”(Happy Faces Montessori)