Walkodile® Duo

Walkodile® Duo
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Walkodile® Duo - A fantastic product for childminders, parents and nurseries!

Created by an early years teacher, Walkodile® is the multi-award winning resource which helps manage outings with children more effectively than children's walking reins or walking ropes. Plus it's great fun for children!

A maximum of two children each wear a hi viz, adjustable safety belt and are connected to Walkodile's® arm via a secure two way clip. Each child holds on and can safely begin their walk with their parent or supervisor.

Using Walkodile® Duo means a parent or supervisor will always have one hand free, as you only need to hold one child’s hand. In addition, Duo can be easily used on narrow paths/pavements as its flexibility allows the children to walk in front of one another whilst still clipped in.

On reaching their destination the children are unclipped from Walkodile®. If remaining outdoors, they keep on their hi viz belt so they're more easily seen in large open spaces or built up areas.

When ready to head back, they're clipped into Walkodile® to safely begin their journey. Ideal for twins or simple walks with two children.

Cost Includes:
    One Walkodile® Arm for two children
    Two high visibility safety belts
    One carry bag
    Free Leaning Games for Walks Guide!
    Full set of instructions
    Normally ships within 7 days

Length 6cm
Width 29cm
Height 11cm

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Walkodile® Duo
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Walkodile® Duo
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Walkodile® Duo
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