WalkodileŽ Safety Web

WalkodileŽ Safety Web
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You can buy Walkodile Safety Web on our new website Hopscotch School Supply.

Walkodile Safety web is a simple & cost effective way to keep young children safe on walks & helps manage group outings more effectively. It's much safer than traditional childrens walking ropes because the children are linked to Safety Web for increased security.

A maximum of six pupils each wear an adjustable safety belt around their waist, which is connected to the Safety Web's flexible spine. Children can hold hands or simply walk along. Adult supervisors hold onto the children's hands.

When they reach their destination, the children can be unclipped from Safety Web and can begin they lesson or play. When ready to head back to school or nursery, they're clipped back into Safety Web again to head back. And don't worry - if one child falls the rest don't all fall over!
Cost Includes
  • One Walkodile® Safety Web for six children
  • One carry bag
  • Full set of instructions
Product Dimensions:
130cm L x 80cm W x 4cm H
0.5kg Weight.

Buy here www.hopscotchschoolsupply.com

EAN: 4 child 634158903779

           6 child 0702811601925



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WalkodileŽ Safety Web
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WalkodileŽ Safety Web
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