Grab & Go Evacuation/Walk Rope (6 child)

Grab & Go Evacuation/Walk Rope (6 child)
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You can buy Grab & Go (6 child) on our new website Hopscotch School Supply.

Originally designed as an Emergency Evacuation resource for school, nursery or playgroup, Grab & Go can also be used as a walking rope for simple, short walks. In addition, one Grab & Go can be joined to another. It comes in a 4, 6, 10 or 12 child option.

It's a fantastic alternative to traditional walking ropes, walking reins, childrens wrist straps and childrens walking ropes. It can also be used for nursery and preschool fire drills and emergency evacuation practice.

Each child simply holds onto the coloured handle, or can be linked to the product with a velcro fastening on the handle for increased safety.

In an emergency situation it is essential that children and adults are able to stay together and move quickly to a safe area. While an evacuation may move easily and quickly during practice fire drills, evacuation of young children in an actual emergency situation may be much more challenging. For example, most teachers and other adults have not experienced a true fire emergency, and may be unaware of the visual and physical effects of dense smoke and heat.

The Grab & Go Evacuation Rope facilitates the children’s movement as a group, even in frightening situations with low visibility. The spacing of the loops enables children to "get low and go” (e.g., crawl) while still maintaining physical contact with each other and with the responsible adult. In addition to promoting child safety, the Grab & Go Evacuation Rope is designed to encourage children’s decision making and self-help skills.

Through evacuation practice drills and other learning activities, children learn to stay together and follow the adult to safety. They develop self-help skills as they insert their hands in loops and fasten the Velcro to tighten it. The brightly colored loops also promote colour recognition.

Key Product Features & Benefits
  • Helps adult supervisors get children out of nursery or preschool easily & quickly 
  • Product includes Hi Viz elements for increased visibility in dark/smoke filled areas or in built-up areas
  • Colour coded handles help children know their position
  • Children can hold onto handle or be linked to it for increased safety
  • One Grab & Go can be joined to another
Dimensions: 220cm L x 30cm W x 4cm H. Weight 98g

Cost Includes
  • One Grab & Go for 6 children
  • One carry bag
  • Full set of instructions

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Grab & Go Evacuation/Walk Rope (6 child)
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Grab & Go Evacuation/Walk Rope (6 child)
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Grab & Go Evacuation/Walk Rope (6 child)
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