Winther Kiddy Bus Standard - 6 seater

Winther Kiddy Bus Standard - 6 seater
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You can buy the Winther 6 Seat Kiddy Bus on our new website Hopscotch School Supply.

As an official distributor for Winther Kiddy Buses, we offer an exclusive, extended warranty of 3 years on chassis, body & wheels!

  • Designed with safety & durability in mind for many years of use - made from robust, UV resistant plastic & strengthened aluminium
  • For use with six children from 6 months to 4 years old
  • Light & easy to push
  • Room for storage
  • Opening & closing entrance/exit doors
  • Automatic brakes for parking
  • Easy to fasten safety belts
  • Seat belts and seat cushions can be removed and are machine washable
  • Safety reflectors for added visibility in the dark
  • Front wheel turns around 360 degrees, making it easy to manoeuvre, so no need to lift kiddy bus to turn corners
  • Footrail for easy manoeuverability around corners and on rough ground
  • Puncture proof rubber tyres & drum brakes mean improved passenger comfort & safety
  • Children sit opposite each other, in pairs, making it easy to talk to their friends
  • They get in & out using a side door, just like a real bus, saving the adult any lifting of the children
  • Intended for use on pavements, walkways, paths and roads
  • Carrying Capacity 100kg
  • Kiddy Bus Weight: 36kg
  • Dimensions - 175cm length x 75cm width x 100cm high
  • Free exclusive, extended 3 year warranty on chassis, body & wheels
  • Step Height - 22cm
  • FREE Shipping
  • Delivered Fully Assembled, normally within 7 working days
The Turtle Kiddy Bus has room for four children aged 6 months to 4 years. A great advantage for people who provide child care services. The same features as the 6-seater, but without doors and floor mat. 

Children and their gear make quite a load, so we have focused on the ergonomics of manoeuvring the Kiddy Bus around. The Kiddy Bus is made of plastic and aluminium, which keeps it extremely light and makes the vehicle very easy to push. The front wheels turn, which makes it easy to manoeuvre and change direction. This also means there is no need to lift the Kiddy Bus to turn corners. The children get in and out via a door in the side, just like in a real bus. Itís fun for children, and saves adults the strain of repeated heavy lifting. The children sit in pairs opposite each other, making it easy to chat with their friends.

The foot rail makes it easy to negotiate obstacles such as kerbs and to cross rough surfaces. The Turtle Kiddy Bus brakes automatically if you lose your grip. For greater security on longer walks, sliding your wrist into the loop makes it possible to hold the brake handle firmly against the handle. The moment you let go the handle, the loop disengages automatically. 

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Winther Kiddy Bus Standard - 6 seater
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Winther Kiddy Bus Standard - 6 seater
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Winther Kiddy Bus Standard - 6 seater
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